The Transform Package

The Transform Package

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The Complete Transformation Blueprint. Combining 75+ Muscle-Building meals and 110+ Low Calorie, High Protein recipes to bring you Endless Flavour for Every Phase of your Fitness Journey. Unlock the Best version of You! 🧬

What to Expect:

  • 185+ Transformation Curated Recipes: Whether you're in a Gaining or Cutting phase, you'll find something delicious. Smash those targets AND satisfy your cravings!

  • 40+ Exclusive Recipes: Unlock the flavors that propelled my own Muscle-gain and Fat-loss transformation. Including my chocolate drizzle pancakes and meal prep baked oatmeals.

  • Shopping List & Supplement Guide: Get a comprehensive guide on macro-friendly shopping and where to find key ingredients. Plus a list of my recommended supplements to optimise nutrition, workouts and recovery!

  • Step-by-Step Guidance on Goal Setting: Each guide provides a comprehensive guide to setting up and personalizing your calorie and macro needs, keeping you on track from day one.

  • Essentials Tool Kit: A full breakdown of everything you need to get the absolute MOST out of Your cookbooks. Plus links to the gear I personally use in my recipe videos.

  • FREE Lifetime-Access and Updates, Endless Inspiration: Enjoy an Ever-growing library of Recipes with Updates sent straight to Your inbox for FREE!


  • IMPORTANT NOTES: These cookbooks are digital-only. Make sure to secure your copies by downloading them directly to your device, via the FilesBooks, or Notes app (if using mobile). You will be sent two download links to each cookbook via email, limited to 3 downloads for copyright protectionSince this is a digital cookbook, refunds are unavailable. 

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