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The Ultimate High Protein Chef Cookbook (Digital)

The Ultimate High Protein Chef Cookbook (Digital)

Transform Your Fat-Loss - with TASTE at No.1 Priority! Every Recipe within these pages is a Celebration of Flavour, a Rebellion against bland and boring diets, and PROOF of just how Delicious Your Fitness Journey can be. Buy Now and get Instant, Lifetime Access to All eBook Updates! 🚀🔓
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enough boring meals...

rethink dieting

I've been a Big-Time Foodie for as long as I can remember. It was only when I decided to join a gym and do something about my skinny-fat physique, when I became torn at the seemingly classic cross-roads...

1) Endure the so-called 'clean diet' 🐓🥦

2) Give up on fitness, it's just too hard...

Well, I refused to give up on my body goals... But I also had ZERO intention of eating chicken and broccoli for the foreseeable future.

So, armed with a basic understanding of nutrition and tons of trial and error. I started to make simple but meaningful ingredient swaps to my favourite foods. My goal was clear. Preserve as much of the nostalgic flavour, whilst steering the calories and macros towards numbers that actually worked with my fitness goals. 🎯


In just 3 months, I saw a transformation that three years in the gym hadn't achieved. The best part? I was eating food I genuinely craved the Whole Time! 🤌🏼

All while eating this...

Macro-friendly magic

Despite looking stereotypically 'unhealthy', these two pictures are the delicious, healthier, macro-friendly twins of traditionally higher calorie foods: chocolate pancakes and crispy chicken sandwiches.

What is this sorcery? 🎩🪄

The difference is a few simple but meaningful ingredient swaps!

EVERY successful Weight-Loss or Muscle-Gain journey, starts with a diet routine which you:

1) Genuinely Love Eating

2) Can Adhere to Long-Term

That's where my recipes come in!

Introducing...🥁 🥁 🥁 🥁


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With a Family of over 1 Million Followers across platforms. Changing thousands of lives bite-by bite. This is Panacea Palm. The Home of Gym Food and Where YOUR Transformation Begins...🧬