The Ultimate Guide to Lean Bulking (Digital)

The Ultimate Guide to Lean Bulking (Digital)

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Your All-in-One Muscle Building Handbook. Complete with¬†75+ Delicious High-Calorie, Protein-Packed recipes, Perfect for Bulking up. Staples from My Skinny-Fat to Muscular Transformation, alongside No-nonsense, Easy-to-follow Guidance.¬†Start Your Transformation¬†Today! ūüöÄ

What to Expect:

  • 75+ Tasty High Calorie, Protein-Packed Recipes: Ranging from meal preps to quick and easy single serves. Including shakes and low-volume recipes too!¬†
  • 10+ Exclusive Bonus Recipes:¬†Unlock Staples from my 15kg Muscle-gain transformation. Including my Spicy Nandos chicken and rice and One-pot Muscle chilli!
  • Step-By-Step Guidance on Calculating Goals:¬†Easy-to-follow, visual walkthroughs on setting up and personalising your Calorie and Macro needs.¬†
  • The Lean Bulking Blueprint:¬†No-nonsense, zero-waffle, breakdown of the BEST strategy for gaining muscle. Alongside my full story and bulking transformation.
  • BULK-UP¬†Cheat Sheet: ¬†Complete pocket guide to my favorite: Hacks, tips, and tricks that Helped me Most in my 15kg+ muscle-gain transformation.
  • Essentials Tool Kit:¬†Everything you'll need to get the absolute MOST out of Your Cookbook. As well as links to all the¬†gear I personally use in my recipe videos!¬†
  • FREE Lifetime-Access:¬†Existing customers enjoy a Growing library of Delicious New Recipes with FREE updates sent straight to your inbox!¬†

  • IMPORTANT NOTES:¬†This cookbook is¬†digital-only.¬†Make sure to secure your copy by downloading it directly to your device, via the¬†Files,¬†Books, or¬†Notes app¬†(if using mobile).¬†You will be sent a download link via¬†email¬†limited to¬†3 downloads¬†for copyright protection.¬†Since this is a digital cookbook,¬†refunds are unavailable.¬†

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