The Ultimate Lifting Diary & Meal Planner

The Ultimate Lifting Diary & Meal Planner

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An all-in-one google spreadsheet designed to give you simplicity and efficiency in tracking your weekly workouts and nutrition. The perfect tool to streamline your fitness journey. Buy Now and get Instant Lifetime Access! 🎯

What to Expect 

  • Dynamic Lift Tracker: Your personal lifting diary and session planner, to accurately track weights and effectively implement progressive overload in all of your lifts! 

  • Weight Loss Dashboard: This feature automatically tracks your journey through a consistent weight log. keeping you accountable and maintaining motivation by clearly displaying your progress and milestones.

  • Progress Picture Vault: A motivational archive of your journey, emphasizing the importance of taking regular pictures to visualize your transformation and keep the drive alive.
  • Weekly Meal Planner: An effortless way to plan your weekly meals with built-in automatic calorie and macro tracking, make your meal prep simple and effective.
  • Smart Grocery List: A color-coded checklist list for your weekly groceries. ensuring you grab everything you need—and nothing you don't.

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